Architect & Interior Decorators

Architects develop design plans for various types of spaces and buildings. They typically work for architectural or engineering firms, and they primarily work in an office environment, but they do need to travel to the building sites to oversee the progress of construction on what they’ve designed. They need good analytical and problem-solving skills so that they can develop design plans that fit the client’s needs and budget while also adhering to building codes. Their creative and artistic talents enable them to come up with new and original designs.

Interior Designer
Interior designers are creative professionals who use their artistic sense to determine how to set up an interior space. Interior designers may do some of their work in their office, but they also need to travel to the location they’re designing. Their work hours can vary and they may be obliged to make their schedule flexible, depending on the needs of their clients. In addition to creative and artistic talents, they need to be able to pay close attention to details and possess strong communication skills