Computer Basics Course

“Computer Basics” is a course that’s designed specifically for those who are completely new to computers or who feel they need to have more instruction before they can feel confident buying a new computer for their personal use or using computer for the first time. Filled with screenshots and real life examples, as well as resources, this source is designed to help anyone feel more comfortable with basic technology. Join Computer Basics Courses Institute immediately to achieve this goal.

This course is separated into 12 different lessons, including: Parts of a Computer, What to Look for When Buying, Setting up a Safe Work Area, Virus Protection, Getting Your Computer Up and Running, Surfing the ‘Net,’ Sending Email, Using Your Media Methods, Advanced Email, Pictures, Word Processing Basics, and Finding Everything. Computer Basics Courses Institute is the best to start with.

“Computer Basics” covers both PCs and Macs (Either One depending upon student’s choice and system availability) , helping you to have the right information when you’re ready to start exploring the Internet or just creating a word processing document.

With summaries, True/False, and multiple-choice questions at the end of each section, you will be able to review the lessons in detail, while also finding out where you have more work to do.

The screenshots help to give real life examples that can guide you to setting up your first email account or using email in more advanced ways. No matter what your level of comfort with computers, “Computer Basics” is designed to help you get the basic questions answered.

“Computer Basics” is a course that’s designed with the basic user in mind, someone who wants to learn more about computers, but may have been afraid to ask until now.

Complete Course Contents :

  • Lesson 1 : Parts of a Computer You Should KnowWhen you’re not comfortable with a computer, you need to start with the essentials – the parts of your computer. You don’t need to be a computer professional, either.
  • Lesson 2 : What to Look for When BuyingBy thinking about your computer needs, you can choose a computer that not only does the job, but also fits your budget.
  • Lesson 3 : Most Commonly Used Computer TermsHere is a list of the most commonly used computer terms.
  • Lesson 4 : Setting Up a Comfortable and Safe Work AreaOne of the things that’s easy to forget when buying and using a computer is your comfort.
  • Lesson 5 : Virus Protection and Other Software That Should Be Set UpIf you don’t plan to be on the Internet, then you don’t have to worry so much about security and viruses, but since most people are online, it’s good to have a discussion about security.
  • Lesson 6 : Getting Your Computer Up and RunningMany new systems today will be able to be plugged in without any work on your part, but this lesson will cover the basics of setting up a computer that doesn’t work in this way.
  • Lesson 7 : Surfing the “Net”Setting up the Internet has become much easier today than it was in the past, and the company with which you have an Internet service can do most of the work, helping you get to the Internet quickly.
  • Lesson 8 : Sending EmailWhile web searches are a great way to begin using your Internet capabilities with your computer, many people are going online to send and to receive email.
  • Lesson 9 : Advanced EmailOnce you’ve gotten to know your email program and you’ve begun to better understand how to send emails, you can utilize advanced tips to be even more effective and interactive.
  • Lesson 10 : Use Your Media MethodsThere are many more features on your computer that you can use for entertainment, including music, videos, social media, and shopping. Learning how to use these features will take time, but they are very user friendly.
  • Lesson 11 : PicturesComputers are a great place to store your digital photos for safekeeping.
  • Lesson 12: Word Processing BasicsSince the word processor is the most utilized piece of software on a computer, it is a good idea to understand the basics of this program.
  • Lesson 13: Excel BasicsSince the Excel is one of the most utilized piece of software on a computer, it is a good idea to understand the basics of this program.
  • Lesson 12: Powerpoint BasicsSince the Powerpoint is one of the most utilized piece of software on a computer, it is a good idea to understand the basics of this program.
  • Lesson 13 : Finding EverythingOne of the most challenging aspects of using a computer is retrieving the documents and photos you create or upload.