Introduction to SolidWorks
 Part Mode
 Assembly Mode
 Drawing Modes
 System Requirements
 Getting Started with SolidWorks
 Menu Bar and SolidWorks menus
 Command Manager
 Part Mode Command Managers
 Assembly Mode Command Managers
 Drawing Mode Command Managers
 Customized Command Manager
 Pop-up Toolbar
 View (Heads-Up) Toolbar
 Shortcut Bar
 Mouse Gestures
 Dimensioning Standard and Units
 Important Terms and Their Definitions
 Feature-based Modeling
 Parametric Modeling
 Windows Functionality
 Geometric Relations
 Library Feature
 Design Table
 2D Command Line Emulator
 Simulation process
 Physical Dynamics
 Physical Simulation
 Feature Manager Design tree
 Selecting Hidden Entities
 Color Scheme
 Self-Evaluation Test


Sketching Environment
 Starting a New Session of SolidWorks
 Work flow customization Area
 Task Panes
 Solid Works Resources Task Pane
 Design Library Task Pane
 File Explorer Task Pane
 View Palette Task Pane
 Appearances, Scenes, and Decals Task Pane
 Custom Properties Task Pane
 Starting a New Document in SolidWorks
 Understanding the Sketching environment
 Setting the Document Options
 Modifying the Drafting Standards
 Modifying the Linear and Angular Units
 Modifying the Snap and Grid Settings
 Learning Sketcher Terms
 Inferencing Lines
 Select tool
 Selecting Entities Using the Box Selection
 Selecting Entities Using the Cross Selection
 Selecting Entities Using the SHIFT and CTRL Keys
 Invert Selection Tool
 Drawing Lines
 Orientation Rollout
 Options Rollout
 Drawing Continuous Lines
 Drawing Individual Lines
 Line Cursor Parameters
 Drawing Tangent or Normal Arcs Using the Line Tool
 Drawing Construction Lines or Centerlines
 Drawing the Lines of Infinite Length
 Drawing Circles
 Drawing Circles by Defining their Center Points
 Drawing Circles by Defining Three Points
 Drawing Construction Circles
 Drawing Arcs
 Drawing Tangent/Normal Arcs
 Drawing Center point Arcs
 Drawing 3 Point Arcs
 Drawing Rectangles
 Drawing Rectangles by Specifying their Corners
 Drawing Rectangles by Specifying the Center and a Corner
 Drawing Rectangles at an Angle
 Drawing Center point Rectangles at an Angle
 Drawing Parallelograms
 Drawing Polygons
 Drawing Splines
 Drawing Slots
 Creating a Straight Slot
 Creating a Center point Straight Slot
 Creating a 3 Point Arc Slot
 Creating a Center point Arc Slot
 Placing Sketched Points
 Drawing Ellipses
 Drawing Elliptical Arcs
 Drawing Parabolic Curves
 Drawing Display Tools
 Zoom to Fit
 Zoom to Area
 Zoom In/Out
 Zoom to Selection
 Previous View
 Deleting Sketched Entities
 Self-Evaluation Test


 Editing Sketched Entities
 Trimming Sketched Entities
 Extending Sketched Entities
 Filleting Sketched Entities
 Chamfering Sketched Entities
 Offsetting Sketched Entities
 Mirroring Sketched Entities
 Mirroring While Sketching (Dynamic Mirror Entities)
 Moving Sketched Entities
 Rotating Sketched Entities
 Scaling Sketched Entities
 Copying and Pasting Sketched Entities
 Creating Patterns
 Creating Linear Sketch Patterns
 Creating Circular Sketch Patterns
 Editing Patterns
 Writing Text in the Sketching Environment
 Modifying Sketched Entities
 Modifying a Sketched Line
 Modifying a Sketched Circle
 Modifying a Sketched Arc
 Modifying a Sketched Polygon
 Modifying a Spline
 Modifying the Coordinates of a Point
 Modifying an Ellipse or an Elliptical Arc
 Modifying a Parabola
 Dynamically Modifying and Copying Sketched Entities
 Splitting Sketched Entities


Applying Geometric Relations to Sketches
 Applying Relations Using the Add Relations Property Manager
 Design Intent
 Dimensioning a Sketch
 Horizontal/Vertical Dimensioning
 Aligned Dimensioning
 Angular Dimensioning
 Diameter Dimensioning
 Radius Dimensioning
 Linear Diameter Dimensioning
 Ordinate Dimensioning
 Concept of a Fully Defined Sketch
 Fully Defined
 Over defined
 Under defined
 No Solution Found
 Invalid Solution Found
 Sketch Dimension or Relation Status
 Deleting Over defining Dimensions
 Displaying and Deleting Relations
 Opening an Existing File
 Address Bar
 File name
 Type Drop-down List
 Open as Read-Only
 Quick view
 Display States Area