Typing Course

we have made it easier to understand which units you should assign for each grade level. We added more new activities for middle & high schools and students will now be taken to a specific theme based on the grade level.

Lower Elementary heading
Hop on the keyboard with the original games and activities to kickstart typing in a colorful environment.

The focus for lower elementary is to learn the key locations and motor skills required later on to type words and sentences. The three units included are perfect for kindergartners to 2nd graders to practice finger movements. The progress is gradual starting from one finger activities to get familiar with the keyboard, find key locations and to practice finger and eye coordination. The first activities are also compatible with a mouse which helps students to practice mouse usage as well!

Upper Elementary heading
All fingers aboard! These units challenge students to learn the fundamentals of typing. The original FingerPaths keyboard helps young students to visualize key locations and finger movements.

Gradual progress is present in upper elementary units as well with each lesson starting with a leisurely activity. Students are then moving on to type words, sentences and paragraphs. At the end of each lesson is a Skills Test which gives a benchmark in each lesson to track the students’ progress.

Middle & High Schools heading
Dig deeper into the secrets of fluent typing! We present new units for middle & high school students with a streamlined. These units challenge students with complex words, build up their typing speed and help discover numbers and symbols. Varying activities are designed to support learning every step of the way. The new courses will undoubtedly help students become keyboarding champions. The students will also benefit from customized typing tests that we recommend to be used as a benchmark for example at the beginning and the end.